Mastering Badang ML in Ranked Mode: Your Go-To Guide

Mastering Badang ML in Ranked Mode: Your Go-To Guide

Today, we’re diving into the world of Mobile Legends and uncovering the secrets of Badang in ranked mode. Badang is like the rockstar of heroes, known for his powerful physical attacks and epic Crowd Control skills. Many players choose this hero for their ranked adventures, especially when they need a tough Offlaner to shake things up in team battles.

But wait, there’s more! The frequency of Badang’s appearances can vary depending on the ever-changing game meta and updates. Let’s roll up our sleeves and explore what you can do to become a Badang pro in ranked mode.

Unleashing Badang’s Skills to the Max

Here are some great steps you can take to improve Badang’s Mobile Legends game:

  1. Train Your Timing: For Badang’s skills to have the most effect, they need to be used at just the right time. When you use Fist Break (Skill 2) right after jumping with Fist Crack (Ultimate), for example, it really hits hard. Practice putting skills in the right order and at the right time in different fight scenarios.
  2. Use the Passive Skill: Every time uses a skill, his passive skill, Fist of Iron, gives him extra true damage and lifesteal. Make sure to use this skill to its full potential by attacking again and again to deal more damage to enemies and help Badang heal faster.
  3. Pick Out the Right Thing Build: Choosing the right things is very important for this hero to have the most power. You can do more damage and last longer with items like Endless Battle, Blade of Despair, and Bloodlust Axe. Also, defensive items like the Athena’s Shield or the Antique Cuirass can help you stay alive in fight.
  4. Upgrade your emblem and skill. The emblem and talent you choose can affect how well you do. Pick an emblem that fits the way you play, like a Physical or Tank Emblem, and improve skills that help your attack power or defense.
  5. Smart Skill Leveling: To improve Badang’s damage, focus on leveling up Fist Crack (Ultimate) and Fist Break (Skill 2). Don’t forget to level up Ground Splitter (Skill 1) to improve your ability to control crowds.
  6. Communicating and working together as a team: Badang is very important for starting team fights. Tell your team about your plans and strategies, and look for ways that you can all work together to use your skills to win fights.

Dominating with Badang ML in Ranked Mode

To make the most of Badang ML’s strengths in ranked mode, here are some strategies to use:

  1. Powerful Offlaner Role: In ranked mode, this hero can shine as a powerful offlaner. Utilize his damage and recovery abilities to hold your ground in the offlane. Focus on farming and keeping your level and gold high to become a serious threat in the klik88slot mid-late game.
  2. Perfect Skill Timing: Understand the optimal timing and skill combinations to maximize damage. Use Fist Break (Skill 2) to reduce enemy defenses before unleashing the Fist Crack (Ultimate) skill for a deadly combo. Make sure to jump into the enemy crowd at the right moment for the best effect.
  3. Utilize Crowd Control: Crowd Control (CC) is one of Badang’s main strengths. Use Ground Splitter (Skill 1) to stun enemies, stopping their movements, and providing an opportunity for the team to capitalize. Coordinate with the team to maximize the effectiveness of CC in team initiations or battles.
  4. Team Collaboration: Communication and teamwork are the keys to success in ranked mode. Leverage Badang’s mobility to flank or assist the team in team battles. Communicate plans and strategies to the team, especially when initiating or starting a battle.
  5. Pick the Right Items: Choose items that align with Badang’s playstyle. Items like Endless Battle, Blade of Despair, and Queen’s Wings can boost damage and resilience. Also, consider defensive items like Athena’s Shield or Immortality to enhance survivability.
  6. Map Awareness: Stay aware of the map and enemy positions. With Badang’s high mobility, use the ability to jump to strategic locations in battles, whether to assist the team or avoid enemy ganks.


By capitalizing on these advantages and playing with a coordinated team, you can increase your chances of victory in ranked mode in Mobile Legends in coinqqslot. Practice your skills and understanding of this hero to become a reliable Badang ML player.